SDCC 2019: IDW announces Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke


IDW Publishing announced at San Diego Comic-Con a new one-shot that sees the crew of Star Trek: Voyager go into the Mirror Universe.

People usually forget that there was a time when the “Comic” in San Diego Comic-Con actually meant something. SDCC was when all the comic book publishers announced big projects and new initiatives and still do. However, they are largely overshadowed by the huge movie and television presentations in the sacred ground of Hall H.

That said, IDW used Comic-Con as a chance to announce a new Star Trek project, one that will have the many fans of the Mirror Universe dancing in aisles.

Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke will be the first time the cast of Star Trek: Voyager have made the trip to the Mirror Universe. In it Kathryn Janeway, captain of the rebel ship Voyager, names herself the Pirate Queen of the Delta Quadrant. As locals Neelix and Kes try to mount some kind of resistance, the crew of Voyager also has to deal with the problem of a mysterious Terran named Annika Hansen.

Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke (Image: IDW)

The book will be written Paul Allor and will feature fully-painted artwork by J.K. Woodward, who has worked on a number of previous Star Trek comics for IDW.

Mirrors and Smoke if just the first of a number of planned one-shots that will take a closer look at the Mirror Universe. In the future IDW is planning books about The Original Series as well as Deep Space Nine.

In the press release about the new title, Allor talks about the appeal of writing a Star Trek comic that is so un-Star Trek like.

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"“As a child, Star Trek taught me about the power of exploration, the value of kindness and empathy, and the triumph of intelligence and logic over violence and anger… and now, I am so excited to throw all of those values out the window and tell the story of the Mirror Universe Voyager crew pillaging and plundering its way across the far reaches of space!”"

Woodward is also excited to see the Voyager crew make the trip to the Mirror Universe.

"“I was very excited when IDW approached me about working on a Mirror Voyager story. I’d given considerable thought to what a Voyager crew would be like in the Mirror Universe, and based the look of the characters on designs I’d already completed. With suggestions from IDW and CBS, we developed new ideas and alterations to create a look that I think exceeds anything we’ve done previously.”"

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It has been a long time since there have been any Voyager comics and hopefully this will be just the first of many to come.

Star Trek: Voyager: Mirrors and Smoke will include a cover by J.K. Woodward as well as a retailer incentive variant by George Caltsoudas.