Calypso could tie into Star Trek: Discovery Season 3


According to Secret Hideout president Heather Kadin, the Short Treks episode “Calypso” could very well tie into the third season of Discovery.

When “Calypso” first aired back in November of 2018, the second of the brand new Star Trek: Short Treks mini-episodes, fans thought it was a fun little story, but didn’t give it a tremendous amount of thought.

Sure, the idea of the Discovery gaining sentience and naming itself Zora in the far flung future was a really cool idea. Aldis Hodge was great as Craft and the episode was easily one of the better Short Treks entries for that first season. Everybody enjoyed it and then moved on to what was to come in Discovery Season 2.

However, after watching the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, specifically the two-part season finale “Such Sweet Sorrow,” fans are starting to rethink the significance of “Calypso” in the greater Discovery timeline.

In fact, in Secret Hideout president and Discovery executive producer Heather Kadin has her way, “Calypso” will definitely play a larger part in the future (no pun intended) of Discovery.

Back in January Kadin was interviewed by the website AssignmentX and they only recently released the interview. In it they ask her about “Calypso” and if the seeds planted in that episode will bear fruit or if we’ll never see Zora and Craft again.

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"“The idea with the Short Treks, it’s funny, because originally, you had people like Michael Chabon saying, “Oh, my God. I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I’d love to do something.” “Oh, hey, you could write a short. And it was such a gift. The idea originally, I think, was just to tell these standalone stories that, in themselves, would be their own thing, and then the more in love with each one of them we became, the more we decided we really wanted to use them. And you’ll see a lot of that coming through at the end of our season [2]. We definitely want to deal with that story in particular down the line, and especially with that actor, Aldis Hodge. He was magnificent. So you’ll see sometime down the line, for sure.”"

Everyone would agree that more of Craft and Zora would be a great thing. How that would work is anyone’s guess. In “Calypso” the Discovery had been stationary for a thousand years, so maybe some form of time travel? Fire up the Red Angel again?

Who knows? Maybe Discovery will take a page from Quantum Leap and each season jump somewhere else in the timestream and eventually they will run into Craft again.

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If the second season of Discovery proved anything, it’s that Alex Kurtzman and his group are not afraid to take chances and reset the board every so often. So don’t be shocked if we see Zora and her love interest from “Calypso” down the road.