SDCC 2019: New details on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3


San Diego Comic Con has been the gift that keeps on giving following the Star Trek Universe panel with new details on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3.

The emotional conclusion to Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season saw Michael Burnham and company travel 950 years into the future. They did so to save the universe from the AI threat known as Control, leaving behind family and friends in the ultimate sacrifice.

Season 3 of Discovery will be the first time in the history of the Star Trek franchise that we will get to see so far into the Federation’s future and have it explored. Now, thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, we have a few more details on what we can expect.

Cleveland Booker

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First of all we have a new character that will be introduced, played by David Ajala. He is no stranger to science-fiction or indeed to popular culture franchises having appeared in a number of episodes of Supergirl and the Netflix series Nightflyers. He also had a small part in one of the greatest comic book movies of all time, appearing alongside Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing Joker in The Dark Knight.

David Ajala is a British born actor and his character on Discovery is described on Star as “smart and capable, Cleveland Booker, a.k.a. Book, has a natural charisma and devil-may-care attitude that tends to get him into trouble as often as it gets him out.”

There is no news (as you would expect) on how Book fits into the show, if he is an existing member of the crew or someone they meet 950 into the future, I am sure we will find out soon enough.

New Images

As well as the news that David Ajala will be joining the show, we were spoiled with some new images take from Season 3 that seems to show Burnham arriving in the future in a bit of a state. She is still in the Red Angel suit and has some interaction with new character Book. Check out the pics below:

Image: CBS

Image: CBS

Image: CBS

Image: CBS

Plot Details

OK, that headline might be a little bit misleading as there is no way that Emperor of the Trekverse Alex Kurtzman was going to give anything major away during the Hall H panel, although he did allow himself to tease us a little.

When quizzed on David Ajalas new character, Kurtzman had this to say:

"“He’ll be a character who isn’t exactly what you’d expect. Right away when they get to the other side of the wormhole, they have big problems. [The crew of Discovery] may not have all landed in the same place.”"

This is very interested indeed, it either implies that a number of crew members have ended up in different places following the 950 year jump or, as the pictures above might indicate, just Burnham has been seperated from Discovery. Either way looks like it wasn’t smooth sailing through the Red Angel wormhole.

One of the key bits of news that fans were probably waiting for with baited breath during this year’s SDCC was the announcement of who has been made captain of the USS Discovery and again Kurtzman was quick to tease.

"“The captain will be… someone you find out about when you watch the show.”"

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As the end of the year quickly approaches and we all countdown the days till Star Trek: Discovery returns to our screens, Redshirts Always Die will keep you updated with any and all news as we get it.