Is it actually Lore we see in the Star Trek: Picard trailer?


Most fans have assumed that it’s Data or B4 we see at the end of the Star trek: Picard trailer, but what if it is actually Lore, Data’s evil twin?

Despite being rumored for months, it was nonetheless a great sight to see Brent Spiner at the end of the Star Trek: Picard trailer that made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con. Of all the member’s of Picard’s former crew, Data was the one most fans said they wanted to see the most, this in spite of the fact he was vaporized at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis.

When Spiner appeared in the trailer, playing cards with Picard, most fans assumed it was Data reborn or was in fact B4, the prototype Soong android first seen in Nemesis. In the film Data did transfer his memories and experiences into B4 so it isn’t too far of a leap to say Data got a second chance at life in B4’s body.

However, there is another option that it would seem no one has considered, one that would change the entire context of their conversation and Spiner’s involvement in the series.

What if that was really Lore we see in the trailer, and not Data at all?

I know. It blew my mind too when I though of it.

As everyone can see in the trailer, a Soong-type android is in pieces in a drawer towards the beginning of the trailer. Most fans just assumed this was B4, and that he was disassembled at some point between Nemesis and Picard. But that doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it. Why disassemble B4 when he may be the only chance anyone would ever see Data again? Why not let him grow and evolve with the hope that he maybe someday Data would return?

Lore, on the other hand, was captured at the end of the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode “Descent, Part II” was was disassembled, never to be seen or heard from again.

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It would make a certain amount of sense for Picard to want to have Lore put back together and talk with him, especially if he is still dealing with guilt from Data’s sacrifice at the end of Nemesis. That guilt looks like it will play a large part in Picard’s motivations in the series so maybe he is trying to assuage it by attempting to help Data’s brother.

When you also consider that Jonathan Del Arco will be appearing in Picard as Hugh and the fact Hugh played a part in defeating Lore and his Borg collective, the pieces start to fit together a lot more seamlessly.

If it is in fact Lore in the Picard trailer, it also gives back to Star Trek one of the truly great villains the series had ever seen. I always thought Lore was right up there with Khan in terms of being a great bad guy and if he is back, we can only hope we will see him again at some point, menacing the former crew of the Enterprise.

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Unfortunately everyone is going to have to wait until early 2020 to fget an answer since that is when Star Trek: Picard arrives on CBS All Access.