Who is Dahj from the Star Trek: Picard trailer?

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Dahj is the Borg Queen

Of the three most popular theories about the identity of Dahj, this one makes the most sense and has the most evidence to back it up.

First, as all good Trekkers know, the Borg Queen can’t be killed. She has been destroyed on several occasions only to reappear to raise hell. Which means she no doubt has several bodies in various states to transfer her consciousness into at any given time.

Dahj could easily be one of those bodies, not fully matured and before the Borg implants were added which would explain why she’s younger than the Borg Queen we all know and love.

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In addition, if she is the Borg Queen it would clearly explain why she feels safe with Picard. The Queen created Locutus to be a mate, her equal and consort. You can bet those feeling never really went away and that even a younger Borg Queen would remember them even if she can’t fully explain them.

If the people she is running from are aware of who and what Dahj is, that would easily make her a huge threat, to both the Romulans and the Federation. It could explain why Picard had to form his own crew outside of Starfleet to protect her.

Throw in the appearance by Seven of Nine, who had a pretty intense relationship with the Queen during her time on Voyager and everything adds up.

The bottom line is that if I had to bet money on who Dahj is, I would go with her being the Borg Queen in a new form. It’s by far the most logical explanation and makes the most sense from everything fans have seen in the trailer so far.

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It looks like we’re all going to have to wait until early 2020 for some concrete answers when Star Trek: Picard arrives on CBS All Access.