STLV 2019: Anson Mount would “love” to do a Captain Pike series

Appearing at Star Trek Las Vegas, Anson Mount talked about how he would love nothing more than to do a Star Trek: Captain Pike series.

You would think by now that Alex Kurtzman and the folks who make the big decisions about Star Trek would just concede to the obvious.

Fans want a Star Trek series featuring Captain Pike, Spock and Number One as seen in Star Trek: Discovery Season 2.

Fans have been clamoring for one almost from the moment Anson Mount appeared as Captain Christopher Pike in Discovery. They have signed petitions. They have started online campaigns. They cheered loudly when asked by Kurtzman at San Diego Comic-Con if they would watch it.

Trekkers want this to happen. And as it turns out, so does Anson Mount.

Over the weekend Mount appeared at Star Trek Las Vegas alongside a veritable who’s who of Trek alumni. As reported by Trek Movie, during his panel Mount talked about what it was like to appear on Discovery as well as his upcoming Star Trek: Short Treks episodes. But when the conversation turned to the possibility of a Captain Pike series, Mount became reflective and thanked the fans.

“Look, I have never had a response to anything I have ever done like this. It’s overwhelming. I didn’t expect it. I’m not sure it’s entirely deserved…The writers may have had something to do with it. First of all, thank you. It feels great to be appreciated for what you do, particularly with this fanbase, this family.”

When asked if he would in fact take part in such a project, Mount said yes, but that ultimately these decisions aren’t his to make.

“Obviously, it’s something I would love to do. It was never on my bucket list because I never thought it is something that could be on my bucket list. It would be wonderful. I love the franchise. I love these people.

“We will see. There are a lot of things going on at that network right now, and within the franchise. And these decisions have to deal with many, many things that float above my pay grade or even outside my realm of knowledge. I am about up-to-date as you guys.”

Unfortunately even if Kurtzman announced tomorrow that a Pike series had been green lit, it would probably be years before we would be able to watch it. Kurtzman has said he doesn’t want to flood the market, so with Star Trek: Picard, Discovery Season 3 and then Star Trek: Section 31 already lined up, it might not be until late in 2021 we would see a Pike series.

Of course, a series of films, streamed on CBS All Access, would be much easier to put together and you wouldn’t have to worry so much about over saturation of the franchise.

Just saying. Think about it.