Avery Brooks is “very happy” with What We Left Behind

Despite not appearing in What We Left Behind, Avery Brooks has nonetheless seen the Deep Space Nine documentary and was very pleased.

By now most members of Trek Nation have in their hands a copy of What We Left Behind, the documentary about the beloved series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The crowdfunded film was a massive success when it was shown in theaters for a one-night showing and now copies of the film on Blu-ray have been showing up in the hands of fans across the country.

The Blu-ray, which includes 47 minutes of new footage as well as new special features, was released August 6 and went on sale early to the lucky attendees of Star Trek Las Vegas, where What We Left Behind held one of the more popular panels of the convention.

The panel featured producers David Zappone and Kai de Mello-Folsom as well as editor Joseph Kornbrodt. The trio discussed with fans the making of the documentary as well as showing some clips of the new footage found on the Blu-ray.

What We Left Behind

What We Left Behind Blu-ray (Image: CBS)

In addition, Zappone talked about Avery Brooks, who played Benjamin Sisko on Deep Space Nine, and the close bond the two have formed over the years. As reported by Trek Movie, he explained why Brooks decided to pass on appearing in the film and that regardless, he was still very involved with the production.

“Avery and I spoke regularly during this entire process… After we did The Captains: Close-up, after he saw that half-hour he was so moved and so pleased, he felt there was nothing more he had to say. He felt that captured his time in Star Trek and was comfortable to essentially say “that’s it, that’s all I have to say.” However, he was supportive to Ira and myself. We would send him footage. He would give us notes. So, he just didn’t feel the necessity to appear on screen, but was truly a part of the process behind the scenes.”

As for if Brooks has actually watched the finished film, not only had he watched it, but was planning to do so again.

“I can say he is very happy with [What We Left Behind] and the ultimate compliment was he said “I am going to watch it again.” And he watched every bit of the special features.”

With What We Left Behind now finished and the Blu-rays on sale, you would think that would be the end of a very long journey. But according to de Mello-Folsom there is actually a lot more that still has yet to be released.

“We can only include so much on the disc sets…who knows, hopefully, in the future we will be able to release some more of it.”

Could this mean a What We Left Behind Deluxe Edition? Or maybe What We Left Behind II? Or maybe an expanded edition on CBS All Access? It sure sounds like it could be a possibility.

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If anything, thanks to the film Deep Space Nine is more popular than ever. Of course, those of us who were already fans knew how amazing the show was from the first episode. It’s nice the rest of Trek Nation is finally catching up.

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