Let’s face it. A Discovery/Picard crossover is probably inevitable

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With ViacomCBS all about turning Star Trek into a shared cinematic universe, we should all be prepared for a Discovery/Picard crossover.

Ever since Viacom and CBS decided to merge into ViacomCBS, Star Trek has been talked about almost endlessly. Many analysts feel that turning the franchise into the next big shared cinematic universe is a sure thing and will ensure the company’s dominance in the streaming wars.

Of course, what they fail to mention is that Star Trek has been doing this shared universe thing for decades now. But I digress.

While the film side of a Trekverse is still a huge question mark, the television side of things is already in pretty great shape. Thanks to Alex Kurtzman and his fellow producers, a third season of Star Trek: Discovery is already well into production and Star Trek: Picard is set to arrive on CBS All Access early next year.

Then you have the literal plethora of other Star Trek shows in various states of development. Star Trek: Lower Decks and new episodes of Star Trek: Short Treks are ramping up production. Episodes of Star Trek: Section 31 are being written as we speak and the new Nickelodeon animated Trek series has named their writer’s room.

And that doesn’t even include other rumored projects, such as a Starfleet Academy show or a series focusing on Khan and his rise to power.

Yeah, there is a lot of Star Trek coming to a television screen near you.

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Which means that it is almost inevitable that a crossover of some kind s going to happen.

Now, while we may not like the idea, it can work so don’t fly into a panic just yet. Ironically, we have DC to thank for showing everyone how to do one of these crossovers right. Because while they can’t seem to figure out how to make the DC Extended Universe work on the big screen, the Arrowverse has been doing them for a long while now on television to great success.

For those who might not be familiar, every year Warner Bros. gets all the characters from their various DC shows that air on the the CW and have them cross over with each other. It’s usually a big event that fans can get excited about and employs a ton of Easter eggs and makes for a really fun week of television.

There’s no saying that done right a similar style Star Trek crossover event couldn’t be a success. It’s been done in the books a number of times and worked despite the different time periods. With the right story and writers, it could be an incredible way to strengthen the ties of the Trekverse and give the fans something they might not have seen before.

Picard on the deck of the Discovery? Burnham hanging out with Seven of Nine? Number One and Riker comparing notes? Who wouldn’t want to see that stuff happen?

As much as they might resist the idea, fans might as well resign themselves to the fact something like this is going to happen at some point. The possibilities for a Star Trek crossover is just to great for ViacomCBS to pass up so we might as well start getting used to the idea.

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