Star Trek Picard: Respect each other, don’t post spoilers

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Star Trek Picard is almost upon us, and one concern being viewed from the fanbase is one to take to heart; spoilers are going to happen.

There’s something to being part of the digital age that most of you younger fans don’t really have a perspective on. When a lot of older Trek fans were growing up, the age of the internet was in its infancy and the number of homes without internet connection was as high as the number of homes today with it. There just wasn’t the need to avoid spoilers back then.

The magazines that covered the series weren’t going to post any, and you’d have a hard time finding a chat room that or forum that was active enough to even get a conversation going, let alone one that involved spoiler talk. In recent years, everything has spoilers.

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker and Game of Thrones‘ final season had their entire storylines leaked before the dang things released. Granted both were not universally beloved, which is the flowery way of saying they were both underwhelming to many. They’re not the only shows or movies to be spoiled by leaks, good properties succumb to that too, like Avengers: Infinity War. The entire third act was leaked online at one point.

Where leaks come from is anyone’s guess. Maybe it’s a disgruntled employee, or maybe it’s a journalist with a vendetta to tank the franchise by putting out spoilers with a slant on them. Either way, it sucks when fans post about it on Twitter and get the shows ruined for them.

No more “Snape kills Dumbledore’s” please.

So remember this, don’t post spoilers. There’s no reason to post reaction Tweets that ruin the series for those who haven’t seen it yet. Don’t be that type of fan.

It’s impossible to ask fans not to live-tweet something. Sure, don’t put details in them, that’s just polite. What really needs to be emphasized though is don’t post spoilers from the show before it airs all over your social media. If you don’t want to wait and you want to talk about what you read, go start a YouTube channel and post a spoiler warning. Boom. You’re golden.

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