Star Trek Picard: Grading CBS All-Access’ new show

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Star Trek Picard is now two weeks into a proposed two-season minimum series, but how is it grading out with Redshirts Always Die?

Opinions are subjective. They are not definitive and they are not supposed to be. If you want to hear only all the good or bad about a show, film, song, etc then you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s good to get other perspectives and opinions on really anything. In the world of science, there are always groups of people trying to disprove a hypothesis. In law, there are dissenting opinions and in food, there are people who like pineapple on pizza.


So when you read someone’s opinions, don’t just look for people who agree with you, look for those who don’t as well. See if you can glean something of value from their opinions so that you may better enjoy the product, or even see ways that they can improve upon it.

So keep that in mind as you read through the article. This isn’t meant to be a review for or against the show. There is no subjective bias intended in four of the five categories that you’ll see here. This is a review meant to highlight the plusses and the negatives without putting in too much personal opinion. You can in fact review something positively and still not enjoy it.

That’s why if you’re for or against the show, only really focus on the first four categories. Those will be the categories that even those who don’t like the show would have to agree with any positive views and vise versa.

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