Rumor: Seth MacFarlane and NBC trying to buy Star Trek from CBS

A rumor that reads like a wish-fulfillment has been popping up for days about the idea of Seth MacFarlane and NBC trying to buy Star Trek.

This is strictly a rumor and as this is a fan-site and not a news-site, it stands to reason that rumors will pop up here and be discussed. This isn’t the Washington Post, stop pretending it should be held to the same standards. With that, a rumor popped up while searching for news on the Orville that said that Seth MacFarlane was in talks with CBS to acquire the property. It would air on NBC and it’s new streaming service Peacock, but when the sides sat down to talk, things fell apart.

Apparently MacFarlane and NBC left the meeting early after CBS lobbed a huge price their way. MacFarlane and possibly NBC still made an offer before leaving but right now there’s nothing more to this rumor. It is a rumor that should be taken with a grain of salt but it can’t be entirely dismissed. Not in today’s day and age where things are leaked all the time from all over the place.

Having MacFarlane, a Star Trek alumni, taking the creative reigns is an interesting thought. Maybe it’s nothing more than that but what if it is?  It’s also not far-fetched, as MacFarlane and NBC are working together now.

It seems like a pipe dream, as MacFarlane has been making The Orville, which is essentially the Star Trek show many fans were hoping to get, only with a lot more comedy. The Orville is decorated from head to toe with past ‘Trek writers, producers, directors and even actors from past Star Trek series, so why would he switch gears and make “real” Trek when he has his own ‘Trek-like’ universe?

Who’s to say? There’s no real answer here, just speculation. Either this is a real rumor and with time, it will reveal itself to us or this is nothing but fandom gone awry. What do you think, should MacFarlane buy Star Trek, or is this just a dumb rumor?

Update: According to some in the blogosphere, this was part of an elaborate hoax to try and expose specific YouTubers as being uncredible. As I didn’t do any research into it myself, nor do I care to as I thought it was just a fun little conversation starter, you’ll have to take their word for it.

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