Star Trek Timelines gets new owner, and a new studio

Image: Arc Games
Image: Arc Games /

The Star Trek Timelines mobile device game just got a new rights owner in Tilting Point and a new studio in Boston to work on the game.

The folks at Tilting Point and Wicked Realms will be bringing on 19 crew members from the Disruptor Beam studios as part of the purchase of Star Trek Timelines. Tilting Point has been a partner on the game since 2017, with an increased role in 2018. Now Tilting Point is the singular owner of the game, which has generated $100 million in revenue since the game’s launch.

Despite Disruptor Beam shuttering its doors and moving on from their games, which included The Walking Dead: March To War and Game of Thrones Ascent, the company will not be going anywhere, instead of working solely on its Disruptor Engine tools for mobile game development and operations.

The move signifies a strong moment for Star Trek fans who have several games to dive into. From the popular Star Trek Online to the VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and of course the aforementioned Star Trek Timeliners. It’s a good time to be a Trek fan.

It hasn’t always been the case. Does anyone remember the 2013 video game Star Trek? It hasn’t always been easy to be a Trek fan who wanted to play video games. Especially back on the old NES and SNES. Those games tried their best and some might be retro-gems but they pale in comparison to some of the games that Star Wars fans, and heck, even Battlestar Galactica fans have gotten over the more recent years.

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