Star Trek fans think robot zombies are scarier than organ harvesters

I wholly disagree but the Star Trek faithful have spoken and they think the Borg are overwhelmingly scarier than the Vidiiansand.

I knew, I KNEW that this version of Friday Night Fights was going to turn out this way when I thought of the matchup. Borg are just too popular and even if fans don’t think they’re actually scary, they’ll vote for them because of how iconic they are. I completely agree with that, as they’re my favorite Trek baddy.

But man, can’t say I wasn’t a bit disappointed it wasn’t closer. The Vidiians are horrifying to me and not just in an aesthetic sense. They literally take pieces of people, while looking like the back end of a mummy. It’s horrible. Wake up in a space-tub with space-ice around you, a little pad saying “Call Starfleet”. Yikes.

The Borg though are fantastically terrifying and I won’t ever deny that. The point for me is that while the Borg is more akin to a bug swarm than actual zombies, they’re also at times, not a threat. The Borg will at times not worry about you until you become a threat. They can be at times docile, and that takes away some of the fear. They are relentless, they just don’t always feel the need to be.

The Vidiians, however, need (needed?) to rip the flesh and organs from compatible species in order to not die. At the height of their affliction with the phage, the Vidiians were desperate. They didn’t care about the well being of others, save for a few who had a conscience. That to me is so much more horrifying.

The Borg want to assimilate people.

The Vidiians need to harvest organs.

But, I respect the community’s decision. I’m not going to go all Nick Fury on this. Tune in Friday to find out what the next matchup will be.

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