Sunday Selections – Star Trek: Rihannsu novel series

This Sunday Selection comes from J.J. Williamson on Facebook, and it’s a recommendation for the non-cannon Star Trek novel series Rihannsu.

For those new to this, Sunday Selection is a fan-submitted recommendation for Star Trek-related content. Fans can submit anything that’s worth checking out. Be it YouTube review series, in-universe conspiracy videos, books, comics, interviews, cover bands, whatever. As long as it’s somehow Star Trek-themed, it’s eligible. So let’s give J.J. Williamson a hand for his recommendation of Diane Duane’s Star Trek: Rihannsu. The series is based off and follows the events of the original series episode, Balance of Terror.

The five-book series serves as Duane’s attempt to shape and mold the Romulan species, starting in a time when Romulans weren’t being discussed, used or even talked about. The first book came out in 1984 when Star Trek: The Next Generation was a glint in the eye of Gene Roddenberry. She used a wholly unexplored world and universe to craft and cultivate the narrative of the Romulans, in a series that was well-received during its life span. The series lasted nearly 22 without any involvement from Paramount to curtail her vision.

That’s not to say the series was beloved by everyone. Since the series started way back in the mid-80s, that means that the man himself, Roddenberry, was bound to discover it. Apparently, Roddenberry wasn’t a fan, according to his personal assistant. That assistant’s name is Richard Arnold, and Arnold claims that Roddenberry “objected” to the depiction of the Romulans and tried to have the books removed from publication to no avail.

The series is still available to buy, even though there are no new books coming out. The series is championed for its extensive universe building and insights into a race of aliens in the Trek universe, who at the time, weren’t getting much love. The book series is non-cannon but fan-made content is always welcomed here – as long as it’s good.

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