United States politicians believe the Vulcan salute could save your life

As the world handles the coronavirus, the folks on Capitol Hill believe that the Vulcan Salute is the best way to greet people during these uncertain times.

The coronavirus has become a major talking point in all scopes of life. From politics to video games, and sporting events; everything that could be touched by this disease is. Even, somehow, Star Trek. According to News Channel 8 out of Tampa Bay, those at the highest forms of government are advising people to give the Vulcan-salute to everyone instead of shaking hands.

The House of Representatives attending physician has suggested that people stop shaking hands or even touching people during greetings and instead give them the split-fingered Vulcan-salute instead. There are politicians on the hill who have been in contact with suspected carriers. Some have self-quarantined, others have not. This Star Trek-inspired suggestion is their way of preventing the spread of the disease.

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up.

The virus as it spreads is both nothing to overreact about and something to overreact about. It’s not some fictitious Outbreak-style virus that has a mortality rate of over 9,000%. For many, it’s going to hit like the common flu (though it’ll last longer), and for others, it won’t even incubate properly. For some, however, it’s a death sentence. That’s why prevention and proper hygiene is incredibly important.

Across the United States sporting events, conferences like E3 and other activities are being canceled or having people barred from them. These actions are being done to stifle the spread and to help protect those ignorant to the potential risks of the illness. Some will get mad at this, but if the local governments and event coordinators can limit the exposure as much as they can, then this will be viewed as a best-case scenario.

Just remember to treat one another with respect and compassion during these times and stay safe out there.

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