Upset of upsets, Babylon 5 ekes out past Battlestar Galactica

Last week’s Friday Night Fight seemed like an open and shut case for Battlestar Galactica after the first few days, but Babylon 5 stormed back to get the win.

In a battle of classic science fiction series from outside of the Star Trek bubble, Babylon 5 mounted a late comeback against Battlestar Galactica. I myself voted for Battlestar Galactica, even though the fourth season got really – really weird. Yet, I respect the community and their selection of Babylon 5. The series shares so much with Star Trek: Deep Space 9 in regard to its show design that I’m almost not surprised this happened. Around Sunday, Battlestar Galactica had over 60% of the votes but come Thursday early-afternoon the tide had shifted completely for Babylon 5. To say this was an unexpected turn of events would be a bit of an understatement for me.

I’ve never watched Babylon 5, though I remember walking through the isles of Toys “R” Us and looking at all the action figures from the various science fiction television shows. Seeing Londo Mollari for the first time with that hair, dang. I was a fan.

Babylon 5 does hold a strong place in the heart of many science fiction fans, even all these years later. The stories alone from the production of the first season alone are extremely heartwarming and heartbreaking and anyone can see why fans would so connected to such a series. There’s a connection among fans that I understand, even if I don’t personally have it yet. I’ll have to check out Babylon 5 and another fan recommended show, Farscape.

This was supposed to be posted Thursday, though I got caught up with some stuff, so sorry for the delay. For tonight’s Friday Night Fights, I think it’s time we look at ships…maybe. No spoilers, tune in later tonight for next edition of Friday Night Fights.

It’s going to be one that may just split the fandom down the middle, but we’ll see. I’ve come to stop expecting certain outcomes.

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