March Madness Star Trek Edition: The Battle for Starfleet Round 1

With March Madness canceled and people everywhere wanting their fix of brackets, it’s time to see which Star Trek hero reigns supreme.

The world of Star Trek is filled with nothing but debates and arguments about who’s the best. Which person would beat which person and what character is really the most popular. If done civilly, it’s a lot of fun to debate this kind of thing. Well, let’s erase all wonder and find out!

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’re going to find out which Trek hero is really the most popular as the top 32 main cast heroes duke it out. Now, due to the limitation and the desire to represent all shows as best as possible, some names aren’t going to make the list. That’s just life.

Basically, if they were a main character then they’re going to have a shot. All five show captains and Michael Burnham will be your top six seeds, with each show’s second lead (second in command) will be the next six seeds. From there I tried to find one or two characters from each show to round things out, though some names won’t be included and some shows will have less than others.

Essentially the real criteria are if they’re a main or major character, and if they’re serving in some formal or informal manner with Star Fleet. So Kira Nerys and T’Pol count, even though they’re not formally Star Fleet. Also, as Jadzia and Ezri are Trills, and are both linked by the Dax symbiote, they’re being counted together, simply as Dax.

You can see the bracket below, it goes 1-32, not the standard 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc that you’re used to in the March Madness tournament.

Now that you’ve seen the brackets, vote below to determine who moves on! Voting will remain open until at least Friday for the first round. Results will be hidden so there’s a surprise element when the next part of the bracket is launched.

There is a second bracket coming on Wednesday. This one will feature the villains and less refutable folk of the Trek lore. That one will have voting open until Saturday at least. The end goal culminates in a Friday Night Fight between the heroes and villains bracket winners to determine intergalactic supremacy.

Just for note, only specific characters and not entire species will be counted. So no Borg or Klingons but you might see the Borg Queen, and Chang for instance. With all that said, start voting below!

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