Star Trek top 5: My 5 favorite Starfleet captains

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The world of Star Trek is filled with all sorts of characters, none more recognizable than the captains of these great ships, so who are my five favorites?

The captain’s chair is synonymous with Star Trek. Well, a desk in some cases. The position of captain is one that can’t be overlooked or dismissed. Star Trek fans know this all too well. So who’s sitting in my fave-five, as WWE Hall of Famer Booker T would say? Well, who’s not, let’s start there.

For this process, we’re not counting characters as a whole but in the actors that portray them. This might get some people heated, but I really enjoyed the portrayal of Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk. He and his William Shatner counterpart, however, failed to make this list.

Who else fails to make the cut? Well, Jean-Luc Picard. He’s probably my least favorite character in all of Star Trek canon. Let’s be clear, I don’t dislike him or hate him, I simply like him least. He’s too dry and too cautious. He’s blinded by his anger and at times is a liability. He’s really no better than any other captain but is propped up to be seen as such.

There’s also no William Riker. Riker may not have a lot of time in a Captain’s chair in the televised canon, but he does still count in my book. He almost made the list, but there was just one that I couldn’t exclude from the list. He’s a genuine shocker but it’ll tell you so much about who I am as a fan that he made the list. Even if he’s technically a cheat.

So with that, let’s get started.

Also, these are in no particular order.

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