March Madness Star Trek Edition: The Battle for Starfleet Finals

It took several weeks but our Star Trek March Madness is almost done with the Starfleet finales now being upon us, but which icon walks to the final matchup.

This is it. The last two standing. After 32 of the top heroes in all of Starfleet went toe to toe over all of March and now into April, we finally know which two Starfleet heroes will duke it out in order to face the top baddie in all of Star Trek lore. Who made the cut, however?

The finals saw Data taking on James T. Kirk, and Seven of Nine taking on Spock. Data and Seven of Nine seemed to ride their time on Star Trek: Picard this deep, outlasting Captain Sisko, Captain Archer, and Captain Picard. Could Seven of Nine and Data pull the upset? Well, no.

It wasn’t even close.

Both Kirk and Spock won by at least 20%. Seven of Nine got drubbed (roughly) 70% to 30%, while Kirk had a slightly less lead, winning (roughly) 60% to 40%. Still, both wins were convincing and now that leads Spock and Kirk to meet in the finals.


Now with Spock and Kirk being on deck to find out which one is the best, we look to the last day to vote. That day is April 16, 2020. You’ll have seven days to vote. Midnight on Friday morning will close out the poll. Will Kirk win? What about Spock? Will there be a huge difference in percentages or will this be the closet poll to date? Only one way to find out and that’s to show up and start voting. The Villains bracket finale starts tomorrow, so if you haven’t voted yet, now is your chance.

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