Pluto TV offers Sci-Fi fans some great free alternatives; here are 3 to watch

Pluto TV isn’t new by any means but it recently got purchased by Viacom prior to Viacom’s merger with CBS. Since then have expanded its sci-fi offerings.

One of the biggest needs during the COVID-19 pandemic is a sense of stability and the ability to relax to ease stress levels. A good way of handling that is by, of course, engaging in various forms of entertainment. While there are many more immediate options to obtain specific types of content, sometimes it’s still good to scroll through the channels and let the offerings decide for you. With your dollar needing to stretch further than ever, it’s also a good idea to minimize how much you have to spend. This is why Pluto TV is such a good idea for fans of sci-fi, especially Star Trek. You won’t’ have to spend so much time deciding what show to binge for the tenth time or worry about monthly payment. It is absolutely free.

What channels would sci-fi fans be interested in, however? Well if you’re a sci-fi fan, why not start with the appropriately named channel Sci-Fi under the Tech and Geek categories? While not entirely sci-fi with shows like Merlin and Robin Hood on the channel, they’ve also shown the first episode of Picard and with the addition of series like Kamen Rider on its TokuSHOUTsu channel, you know that they’re going to have more wild offerings for the channel.

Another channel that sci-fi fans will adore is an all-day, all-night, never-ending stream of various Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. None from the revival, which might be a good or bad thing depending on how you felt about the new stuff but if you’re a fan of Joel, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Mike Nelson, then you’re going to enjoy this one. If the older stuff doesn’t suit you or you want more of the most popular trio of Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo seasons 2-10) and Bill Corbet (Crowe T. Robot seasons 8-10), you can watch their Rifftrax channel which is just below the MST3K channel.

If you’re looking for something more Star Trek flavored, the channel also provides a look at Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, an early 2000 series that was apparently inspired by unreleased Roddenberry stories. The Kevin Sorbo starring vehicle was one of the last first-run syndication sci-fi shows and it’s now being streamed in its entirety on the service.

If non-fiction science is more your speed, the service also offers a NASA TV stream as well. Other channels worth noting are The Addams Family, Stories AMC (Walking Dead and Halt and Catch Fire are airing on it), and of course, Unsolved Mysteries. Just in case you want to watch hammy, over the top dramatizations.

The one gripe is there’s no guide or schedule to help your streaming experience but hopefully, that gets rectified because they used to have one.