Star Trek Voyager: Watch the 25th anniversary reunion now on YouTube

Last week the cast of Star Trek: Voyager reunited for a good cause.

The entire cast of Star Trek: Voyager, save for Jennifer Lien, reunited for a good cause at the end of May. The folks at Stars in the House hosted a live reunion celebrating Star Trek: Voyager’s 25th anniversary all in the name of The Actors Fund. For those unaware, that’s a charity for actors who may find themselves unemployed or unable to work and can obtain financial support. Obviously not every actor is a millionaire and many work paycheck to paycheck.

The stream raised $19,225 for the fund, and the video currently has over 161k thousand views as of this writing. The entire video can be seen below.

The highlight is the cast, and how close they all seem to still be. Especially seeing Roxann Dawson react to her seeing Robert “Robbie” Duncan McNeil. It’s all too precious. The stream was well done and smartly put together. Whoever was editing the conversation did a great job to limit the number of active screens to not overwhelm the viewers and they did a great job adding photos and video into the presentation to make it feel more well rounded and authentic.

For those hoping for a bombshell confession, sadly there aren’t any. Nothing that long time fans already didn’t know. Most are aware that Kate Mulgrew was torn up making the show, something she revealed in the amazing movie The Captains. There was also more of Robert Beltran and his dislike of the show in it’s later years, though he does gush about his co-stars.

There’s even some great stuff from Tim Russ about how hard it was to be so reserved as a Vulcan when all he wanted to do was flex his acting muscles. These aren’t some huge bombshell type reveals and most are known already but they are in there and for new fans, they may be the added hook they need to get into the show or give it another chance.

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