TrekCulture ranks every Redshirt death in Star Trek and it’s glorious

The folks at TrekCulture ranked every Redshirt death in Star Trek: The Original Series and it’s glorious.

For a website about Redshirts, we sure don’t talk about them a lot. For those unaware, the idea of the “redshirt” in Star Trek centers around the notion that anyone wearing a red shirt in Star Trek: The Original Series was likely to die in that episode. They were seen as disposable crew members, save for Montgomery “Scotty” Scott. It was always fascinating seeing how the extras were killed off, and now, thanks to TrekCulture, you can discover just how they all bit the big one.

Shockingly, there aren’t that many deaths apparently. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that this was something that happened regularly in every episode but it really wasn’t. It only happened a few times across a select number of episodes. Not exactly the quantity you would be expecting for such a beloved television trope.

Oh well, some of them are still downright hilarious.

Some of the deaths on the list are downright brutal and the fact that Ted Cassidy (Lurch of the Addams Family) got to play a horrifying android who snapped necks and cashed checks is even more delightful. Granted the check cashing idea is more of an assumption. His alien robot character just screams “certified tax consultant” for some Klingon money management firm.

The folks at TrekCulture really put in the time and effort for this video. Plus the #3 death on this list had me laughing for a few good minutes. Sometimes the best comedy is short, sweet and to the point. Star Trek is certified camp in the early days and the deaths of the Redshirts just further prove that.

Any Star Trek fan of any age will more than likely find some humor in watching these Redshirts find new ways of getting themself killed off.