Star Trek: Picard – Picard could return to Starfleet

Admiral Picard could have another place in Starfleet in Star Trek: Picard

In the first season of Star Trek: Picard, Admiral Picard had to handle a critical situation without the help of Starfleet. In fact, they were quite insistent that he wasn’t a welcome addition to their ranks anymore. That was, of course, before Picard prevented the Romulans from destroying an entire planet of androids and exposed the Romulans inside Starfleet who were behind the plot.

Granted, this series was always meant to be about Picard’s redemption, but he successfully achieved that in the first season, proving that he wasn’t just trying to be relevant. Starfleet clearly had egg on its face at the end of the ten-episode run. And with spies having been revealed, it stands to reason that Starfleet is going to need people it trusts to move forward. Picard has proven he has a right to that trust.

Does this mean that he should return to Starfleet and forget about traveling the galaxy with the other members of his new crew? No, but there may still be a place for him, much like with Will Riker who remains in the reserves. With the ability to call on Starfleet as needed, Picard would have a better chance at destroying more evil and setting the planets that have gone astray back to rights.

It’s doubtful Picard will ever return to Starfleet full-time, but he has earned a place in its hallowed halls and is more than just an admiral who was forced to retire. In fact, if would seem that Starfleet would want to listen to him after the major accomplishment from season one.

While Picard will undoubtedly do things outside Starfleet regulations which would prevent him from being solely under its command, it would be nice for him to have a back-up if he were to ever need it. In season two, barring a return to Starfleet, Picard should at least have the right to ask for (and be given) help should he need it in the future.