Rumors say Simon Pegg wants more to do with next Star Trek movie

Simon Pegg is Scotty in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.
Simon Pegg is Scotty in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions. /

Rumors have it that Simon Pegg wants more to do with the next Star Trek movie, assuming there is one.

Whether there will be a Star Trek four or not is not up for discussion. What is, however, is whether or not Simon Pegg will even return for it. According to We Got This Covered, and so you should take this rumor for what it’s worth, Pegg isn’t going to return to the franchise unless he gets a larger role. This doesn’t specify if it’s a larger role in the film or behind it; or both.

The site does attempt to give their source some credibility, by linking this source to rumors that have since been proven true, like the “Captain Pike spinoff show” (later Star Trek: Strange New Worlds) and a Witcher prequel series. Considering just one wrong story can ruin a writer’s reputation and a source’s credibility, this seems like a logical enough rumor.

Pegg’s worth to Star Trek is more akin to that of Jonathan Frakes than a Patrick Stewart. Meaning, Pegg’s value isn’t just in his acting alone but in his love of the franchise and ability to get the most out of it as Frakes does. Pegg would be wise to hold out until he gets something substantial from Paramount, like perhaps being the sole writer of this film or even having creative control as the director.

Even better yet, why stop there? Turn the film franchise over to Pegg. He couldn’t do any worse than J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin did. To be fair to both men, their films weren’t bad, but Lin didn’t grasp the concept of Trek, and Abrams’ reputation is gone after the debacle that was the Star Wars sequels.

Hopefully Paramount gets Star Trek 4 figured out because this constant insanity is going to make this movie must-see. Either all the hectic chaos merges into one masterstroke of a film, or it’s going to be the biggest dumpster fire in franchise history.

So either way, it’ll be must-see.

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