3 reasons why a 4th Star Trek film may never happen

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There are three reasons why there might not be a fourth Star Trek film in the Kelvin timeline.

With news of the fourth Star Trek film being in a perpetual state of uncertainty, it seems almost like the Kelvin era of Star Trek films as we have known them has come to an end. After four years, it seems almost likely that if the studio had any faith in a fourth film, or even the Quentin Tarantino film, that they would’ve put something in motion by now.

A fourth film in the Kelvin timeline may never happen. It may also mark the end of the era of Star Trek being a tent-pole film franchise as well.

Sure there might be some streaming films made for the forthcoming Paramount+, the soon-to-be-replacement for CBS All Access. Of course, there’s also the Paramount Movie Network, which will feature TV films aimed at providing original content for the network. Since Star Trek is part of the Paramount/ViacomCBS family, that seems like a possibility that films end up there as well.

That’s not to say that this is a certainty. Obviously with the film industry in a state of flux and there being no real clue as to what’s coming down the line for the future of cinematic theater experiences, it’s impossible to say. Yet, with the closure of Regal Cinemas here in the state due to James Bond’s No Time To Die being delayed, there stands a chance that theaters may never rebound. After all, who wants to pay $20 for popcorn and pop, on top of a rising ticket cost? Only to deal with loud jerks in the theater and sticky floors that never stop being sticky…

Watching movies at home, especially movies you can pause when needed, just make so much sense. That’s why these are three reasons why we may have seen the last Star Trek film in the theaters.

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