Star Trek: Walter Koenig wanted to feel like he was making a contribution

In the final Star Trek movie, there was little for the supporting cast to do, according to Koenig

After being a part of Star Trek for almost 25 years in 1991, Walter Koenig had hoped there would be some sort of wrap-up for his character as well as the other supporting characters in the final movie, Star Trek: VI: The Undiscovered Country. It would be the last chance for these characters to appear on the big screen, and he felt there should be some type of curtain call.

“…that there should be a curtain call for each of the supporting actors. We should each have some small moment that gave us some insight into who these characters were and would wrap up their stories. That was not forthcoming. It was treated like just another episode without that sense of finality.”

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and even though Koenig admits to being “bitterly disappointed,” he doesn’t think anyone was aware of how he felt inside as he kept his feelings to himself. Being a part of the franchise for so long, he wanted to make a contribution in the end that would be remembered.

“When you belong to an operation like Star Trek that receives such high regard and the recognition extended beyond oceans, you want to feel you are making a contribution that is comparable and commensurate with that kind of popularity.”

The actor admits that feeling that way might have been a little selfish and egocentric on his part, but it’s certainly understandable that a character who’d taken part in the phenom that is Star Trek would want to have a final moment that fans would recall vividly. But fans have no problem remembering Koenig’s contribution to the franchise. Some of his best stand-out scenes happened in Star Trek: The Voyage Home. It’s doubtful that any fan will ever forget “Excuse me. We are looking for nuclear wessels.” It is, along with Spock’s “colorful metaphors,” one of the most comedic scenes in the movie.

Though Walter Koenig wasn’t a main star in Star Trek, he made an impact that will long be remembered as fans don’t forget Star Trek characters or the actors that played them. This fandom is too important to us to ever do that.

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