3 reasons to keep the Star Trek film and television series separate

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The Star Trek films have not been part of the television continuity since they relaunched in 2009 and now Alex Kurtzman is hoping that will change.

When Star Trek was relaunched as a film franchise it was four years after the end of Star Trek: Enterprise. Star Trek 2009 as it’s commonly referred to as, was set in a different timeline, telling stories of the crew we’ve known for decades. Just with new faces playing them. No way connected with Enterprise.

The stories had nothing to do with any of the past series, however. Instead of working its way into the show’s canon, they set up their own universe and catered to a different type of Star Trek fan. This idea worked to some degree, as both old and new fans showed up. While some older fans may not be too happy that Star Trek distanced itself from the more classic formula of Trek, the film was a success for the most part and if we’re being honest, wasn’t half bad.

Sure, enjoyment is subjective but it was a fair Star Trek experience. No one will ever confuse for Wrath of Khan but it scratched the itch. Which is why there’s actual fan support for another film from the current crop of Trek actors.

The film series in its current format can still be successful without having to overly complicate things like the MCU has done.

Just as a quick note, another article is coming out later this week that will tackle the three reasons to unify the film and series.

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