Star Trek should use an animated series to bring select books to life

Star Trek should use animation to do an anthology series about the events after the films, such as Will Riker’s time on the Titan.

Star Trek should consider telling more stories with animation, especially if those stories are about unexplored extended universe stuff. Why animation? Well, one of the wonderful things about animation is that the budget is limitless for the type of stories you want to tell. Sure, it costs X-amount to make an episode but it costs that much (more or less) regardless if it’s 20-odd minutes of people talking or if it’s an interstellar war between two alien races who despise each other.

Animation is a fantastic medium and you only have to look as far as specific superhero cartoons like Justice League or anime’s like My Hero Academia to know that the best medium to bring bombastic stories to life is in fact animation. That’s why it’s the perfect medium to revisit classic Star Trek novels and extended universe type of content. The easiest example of what kind of stories you could tell are things that involve a young William Riker taking over command of the U.S.S. Titan for the first time.

Since it’s animated, and voices hardly change that much over the years, it’d be easy to pull off. Think about it, an entire anthology series that follows six, two-part stories of famous characters revisited.

Granted, a different art style than the one used for Star Trek: Lower Decks would need to be implored but if DC Comics can have an entire franchise of 80 minute animated films why can’t Star Trek? Why can’t we get more stories from classic characters?

In fact, why not animated movies as well?

It’s the perfect medium to utilize for these iconic extended universe stories and with it being purely animated, there is no real worry about the budget, so you don’t need to skimp on stories told or cutting down action scenes for budgetary reasons.

It’s actually kinda surprising that Star Trek has never done an animated movie before that could be released on DVD or home video. It seemed like a franchise ripe for that type of spin-off.

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