Video: Trek Culture lists their top ten battles in Star Trek history

1996 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact".
1996 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact". /

Fans of Star Trek should seriously consider following Trek Culture, as they put out great content like their list on the top ten battles in Trek history.

As part of our desire to focus on the Star Trek fan community, as much as anything else in the world of Trek, don’t be surprised if from time to time you see more posts like this one, where we gush about how well made and well thought out these community creations are. In this week’s spotlight, Trek Culture, a branch of the UK’s WhatCulture group, focused on the top ten battles in Star Trek history and nailed it.

Usually, there are a few additions to a list or some glaring omissions that can cause fans to be a bit ruffled but it’s not at all out of the question to look at this list (no spoilers) and see that the folks at Trek Culture got a really good top ten going. Sure, it may not be your top ten, these are subjective opinions after all, but it’s not a bad top ten by any means.

The biggest issue that goes along with this is simply admitting that Star Trek either doesn’t have many great non-ship battles or that Trek Culture is considering those (largely) separate from their specific top tens. It’s kind of a given that if you think “great Trek battles”, that you default to ship to ship combat. That’s not always the case as there are some great fight scenes between a few characters or whole armies.

None of those, like Kirk vs. the Gorn (it’s cheesy good fun) make this list, but that’s ok. It’s still a well thought out selection that takes into consideration the dearth of options the series has in both film and television format.

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