Video: TrekCulture gets the Star Trek Most Unexpected moments right

TrekCulture comes at fans again with another great video, this time looking at the Most Unexpected moments in Star Trek history.

Star Trek is known for its ability to generate emotions from the audience. Be it anger, happiness, sadness, or whatever else you may feel. Part of being able to generate emotions from the audience comes from amazing stories, building tensions between characters, and of course, the wild surprises.

Star Trek is more known (usually) for their poignant and intelligent debates on what is right and wrong in a universe where grey is the prevailing color. So when you think about surprises from around the television world, you don’t always leap right to Star Trek. X-Files, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead, absolutely.

Those series were built on a sudden and unexpected shock. Star Trek? While they have their moments, it’s not nearly as big of a hook. So it’s good that TrekCulture did a top-ten looking at Star Trek’s most unexpected moments.

While a minor spoiler, I do have to put briefly mention their entry at No. 7, the arrival of the Klingons to battle in the episode Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode, “Sacrifice of Angles”.  Personally, it’s too low. That’s just a personal opinion on this one. It’s too low for such a monumental moment. The Klingons and Starfleet fighting side by side, as the Defiant darts and dashes it’s away to Deep Space Nine in order to save the wormhole?

It’s iconic. Worf being all formal and apologetic as he and the Klingon fleet save Captain Siski’s life and the rest of the crew of the Defiant is one of the most “Worf being Worf” moments ever. A calm apology in the middle of a battle, from a Klingon? It’s just the best moment.

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