Star Trek Quibbles with Tribbles will challenge any expert

If you’re struggling to find a gift for the Star Trek fan in your life, take a look at Star Trek Quibbles with Tribbles

This hardcover book written by Glenn Dakin and with art by John Ross is a search and find that will challenge even the most-experienced Star Trek expert. They’ll be looking for exploding tribbles, continuity errors that are hidden among the beautiful artwork, artifacts from each of the 79 episodes of the original series (a list is provided), and more. Star Trek Quibbles with Tribbles provides a way to keep score and and the fan in your life will quickly learn if they are the ultimate Trekspert.  You might even want to buy one for yourself to test your knowledge.

Here is the publisher’s description of the book:

It’s a puzzle book, Jim, but not as we know it. This is no conventional ‘search-and-find.’ Each of its detailed, full-color pages is packed with out-of-context items and cosmic continuity errors that only a true fan can spot. It would be illogical to resist this challenge, when the accuracy of the whole Trek universe is at stake.

Captain Kirk, Mr Spock and the Enterprise crew have discovered that a series of exploding tribbles have been hidden by the Klingons in locations visited by the Enterprise. Kirk and his crew must seek and find each exploding tribble. At the same time, fans must spot items from every story in The Original Series, also concealed in the pictures. This is next-level Where’s Waldo for adult fans, plus a chance to save the galaxy into the bargain!

The book opens with an article exploring the grand tradition of fans spotting continuity gaffes in the world of Star Trek. Then this is followed by an explanatory spread telling the reader how to use the book. A feedback session at the back clears up all quibbles with tribbles and debates about the non-interference directive!

And this isn’t a gift a fan can complete in one day unless they have a lot of time on their hands. This is for fans who truly know their Trek. The images are stunning with vibrant colors and expertly drawn characters and props. An answer key is provided, but what’s the fun in using that?

Star Trek Quibbles with Tribbles is a challenging, fun game for those of us who enjoy testing our knowledge of Star Trek: The Original Series. Do you think you can find what’s not supposed to be in the pictures?  Having gone through the full-color pages spreads myself, I can tell you it isn’t for a newbie Trekkie. You have to know the original series if you’re going to be crowned an expert!