Star Trek: Certifiably Ingame takes fans into the life of Will Riker

If you’re a new fan looking to catch up on Star Trek lore, Certifiably Ingame helps you out with his video on Will Riker of Next Generation fame.

The history of a character is not that hard to find out any more, especially with the internet but Certifiably Ingame gives Star Trek fans a great look at Will Riker and his early life in his latest video offering. Character histories are scattered around the internet, with the wiki Memory Alpha being the best bet for all of your Trek needs. The website documents everything that has ever happened in the history of Star Trek the series, and a good amount of the behind the scene stuff. As far as resources go, there isn’t a better outlet.

Yet, what if you want the abridged version of something? Diving into something so deep can be overwhelming. With constant links on the page directing you to different moments, shows, movies, episodes, and the like, what may be a simple look into what Riker’s full name was, could end up consuming hours and hours. While that sounds enjoyable, sometimes you just don’t have the time to dedicate to such an event.

That’s why videos from Certifiably Ingame is a helpful tool in helping cut down on the amount of time given to one thing. A truncated and streamlined video about Star Trek is exactly what new fans need. As Riker is one of the most popular characters in the show’s history and is still an active character in the modern Trek, it seems like a great jumping in point for fans.

So if you’re just getting into Star Trek, and have been watching Discovery and Picard and want to know more about these characters, this is the perfect avenue to get to know these characters. Even seasoned fans learn something new, as I never knew Riker was from Alaska.

The Star Trek fan community is an amazing thing and create such fantastic tools to help usher new fans into the fandom. That’s part of the reason why these pieces are popping up, to showcase not only the hard work the fandom puts into these things, but to also help usher new fans in as well.