Best Star Trek (#Picard) tweets of the week

Star Trek: Picard - Logo © 2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Star Trek: Picard - Logo © 2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

It’s another weekly round-up of some of the best Star Trek tweets, and this time we’re focusing on Picard

Fans were showing the love for Admiral Picard (#picard) this past week. Being that it was Christmas, many tweeters received DVDs or Blu-rays of the first season of Star Trek: Picard while others decided to give the series a try for the first time. So this week, I’m sharing some of the best moments from the Twitterverse.

First, we’ll start off with @NullSpaceGaming’s award to Picard for the Ugliest Cry award. Hmmm, I’m guessing the interaction between Admiral Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data would have something to do with that. I could be wrong, though.

@danbullock shared the first picture in his camera roll from 2020, and it was an advertisement for Star Trek: Picard. And he was sure to tag Patrick Stewart in the tweet to share the love.

@heypigs shared a photo of a fabulous Christmas t-shirt with Picard in a Santa hat, and a take on his famous “make it so” line. Where can I buy one?

Check out the gift @Fesaugustos bought for Jason! Three bottles of Chateau Picard wine in a beautiful, wooden box. Now this is a Christmas present!

@HavenHuth was excited to get the first season of Picard on DVD. The love is clear in the post, and it’s hopeful that more users will see tweets like this and decide to give the series a try as well!

This past week was a great week for Patrick Stewart’s series as more and more fans showed their support of the show and boldly declared it as one of the best shows they’ve seen. Though there are fans who don’t care for the series, it is, to me, a fitting avenue for Admiral Picard to travel down, and I’m enjoying the journey he’s sharing with his friends. I’m especially looking forward to how season two plays out and which Next Generation actors we might see! Until next time!

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