The most satisfying moment in Star Trek may just be from First Contact

1996 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact".
1996 Michael Dorn stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact". /

WhatCulture seems to believe that Picard playing the flute in a Jeffries Tube is the most satisfying moment in Star Trek, but it’s actually a scene from First Contact.

We love celebrating other Star Trek sites and ideas on this site. We don’t just see Star Trek as a media franchise but as a fandom, a fandom that encompasses all of us fans. So it’s not out of the ordinary to see us praising or challenging other outlets for their takes on Star Trek and that’s what we’re doing in this piece, as we look at WhatCulture’s “10 Most Satisfying Star Trek Moments” number one entry. They claim that Jean-Luc Picard playing the flute in the Jeffries Tube is their top pic (spoiler) but they couldn’t be more off if they tried. The best moment wasn’t in a Next Generation episode, but a Next Generation movie; Star Trek: First Contact.

While WhatCulture does hit on the movie at their no. 2 spot, they pick the Battle of Sector 001 which isn’t it. No, the scene in question sees Worf, Picard, and Lt. Hawk (Neil McDonagh) walking on the hull of the U.S.S. Enterprise-E, attempting to stop the Borg from sending out a deep space signal to the rest of the Borg collective which would have signaled an invasion of a pre-warp Earth.

Hawk gets assimilated after failing to release a clamp that would send the radar dish off the hull of the ship, and Worf’s spacesuit gets a cut in it that renders the Klingon unable to fight. Leaving Picard the last person standing to release the radar dish from the ship and then destroy it before it can summon the rest of the Borg. As Picard is trying to destroy the radar dish, a now assimilated Hawk returns and attacks Picard, nearly killing him before a single shot from a phaser rifle sends Hawk floating into space. The shot came from Worf, who had used a Borg appendage to seal off the air leak in his suit.

After Picard hits the connecting device that attached the radar dish to the ship, Worf took aim at the device the Borg converted and uttered the sweetest line of the movie;

“Assimilate this!”

Worf then shoots the radar dish and destroys it in one of the most impressive scenes in what is arguably the most impressive film in Star Trek history.

You’re of course entitled to your own opinions and theories, as to the most satisfying moment, but this is mine.

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