Star Trek really wants you to play their tabletop role playing game

From Dungeons and Dragons to Dead of Winter to the Fury of Dracula, tabletop games are all the rage these days, and Star Trek has one for you.

Tabletop games have been around for decades. For years fans of the genre have seen the scene expand and grow. From an underground movement of sorts in the 80s to seeing games like Dungeons and Dragons being played out in front of millions on shows like the Big Bang Theory, the genre has never been as healthy. Star Trek wants to remind you, however, that they too have a game to play and they’re doing everything they can now to get you hooked on it.

The game is called Star Trek: Adventures! and the official Star Trek site is helping people get interested in the game by providing three nifty books for newbies. The books aren’t free, obviously, but if you’re a fan of Star Trek and tabletop games, or wanted to get into one genre or the other, these books are being promoted as good entry points to the game.

First, there’s the Star Trek Adventures: Core Rulebook, which will help all new players become familiar with the game rules. Star also suggests adding on two more books, entitled These Are The Voyages and Strange New Worlds. These are essentially expansion packs with new stories to play through. They also provide a free-to-download campaign called The Living Campaign, which is on hiatus but can still be downloaded for now cost.

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If dropping money on something you’ve never played before doesn’t make too much sense, Modiphius is offering a free-to-download PDF that may give fans a better idea of what they’re doing. They also have some pretty keen miniature figures to buy if that’s your thing. They can be used for the game or just to collect and keep. They have figurines from the Original Series, Next Generation, a group of Klingons, and a group of Romulans.

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or down in the comments below if you’ve ever played before, and feel free to make suggestions to new players on how best to get into the game.