Fan has fun spinoff idea for Short Treks—Nature Treks

Short Treks give fans the opportunity to go behind the scenes, to get a better understanding of a character, and even to obtain a clearer understanding of a plot device. A Star Trek fan on Reddit wants to know more about the alien planets starships encounter and has proposed the idea of a spinoff, a type of mockumentary that gives more insight into the planets we wish we could visit.

Reddit user MightyVanguard posited the idea to fellow fans on the board, and it was greeted with enthusiasm. The poster’s idea is that the spinoff would help with worldbuilding and included the suggestions of the sands of Vulcan and the forests of Tellar Prime as two examples perfect for these different treks.

I found the idea fascinating and would definitely be onboard to learn more about these strange worlds. These documentaries of sorts could be narrated by the particular species to add authenticity, i.e., the sands of Vulcan could be narrated by Tuvok (Tim Russ). A visit to Denobula could be narrated by Dr. Phlox (John Billingsley). With so many different species showing up in the Star Trek world, Nature Treks could give us the chance to get more involved in the planets and the the lives of the aliens that inhabit them.

Also included could be some interesting tidbits about the creatures inhabiting the planets like Targs and Sehlats. We could also learn about different traditions and rituals not already explored on the series. The perils of each planet could also be explored as well. Though each documentary would only have twenty minutes or so, that would be plenty of time for us to learn why it always rains on Ferengi or if it’s ever sunny and bright on Qo’noS. Though the idea is certainly a longshot, it’s one I hope will get in front of CBS for future consideration for Short Treks.