Star Trek Rumor: New movie will have Chris Pine with Quentin Tarantino

Many ideas have been pitched about what the next Star Trek film will be. With the state of the movie theater industry, it became a question no one really asked for a while. Why would there be more big-budget Star Trek films if the movie industry as a whole is changing? Then we found out that Paramount+ is working on bringing new Star Trek films to their platform and that revived talk that Chris Pine and the crew would return for one more movie.

Yet, according to industry insider Daniel Richtman (via We Got This Covered), a fourth film featuring Chris Pine will be going forward, but it will see Quintin Tarantino take over the reins as director. No other member of the cast has been rumored to return as of yet, but it wouldn’t make sense to just bring Pine back to the role, so it’s easy to assume that the rest would be back too.

The pick of Tarantino would be controversial, to say the least, as he’s not known for making family-friendly content, and Star Trek is very family-friendly in a lot of ways. At least it was until recently when shows started to feature violent gore and graphic language to go along with an unnecessarily darker tone.

If the rumor is true, and it’s a big “IF”, then bringing back Tarantino won’t make things any better for attracting the widest audience possible.

The other two options that were being considered were a fourth film that directly carried on the Kelvin Universe story, which ended after Star Trek: Beyond and another idea would see Noah Hawley taking over the fourth film with a brand new cast.

As of right now, it appears the Tarantino idea won out, something that will make a lot of Trek-die hards uneasy, as Tarantino brings a paradigm shift to the franchise. Fans are left wondering what he’ll turn the series into and that can be an uneasy thought.