A Star Trek: Picard prequel novel is all about Captain Rios

Star Trek: PIcard novels have become as popular as the series itself with readers snapping them up as soon as they’re released. There’s another one right around this corner, but this one will take a different turn and will focus on one character, for the most part. Captain Rios (Christobal), who is the pilot of the La Sirena, which he uses for missions with Admiral Picard and his crew, will be the star of the new prequel novel, Star Trek: Picard: Rogue Elements.

Not only does the book takes place before Rios and Picard meet, it takes place during the time Rios is still dedicated to Starfleet until something went horribly wrong. Rios doesn’t know what to do with himself so he becomes an independent freighter captain in the border region which is near the former Romulan Empire. Though he only wants to be alone, he ends up getting into debt with a bad gang from a planet whose society is basically Prohibition-era Earth. To pay off his debt, Captain Rios has to take on missions that takes him into more danger than he’s ever known. And, in spite of how upset he is with Starfleet, it’s Admiral Picard’s experiences that help Rios solve a galaxy mystery.

Star Trek: Picard: Rogue Elements is written by New York Times Bestselling Author, John Jackson Miller and will be available for purchase on August 17th. In the meantime, you can catch a look at the absolutely gorgeous cover as well as the official synopsis for the book.

With the history of Captain Rios being covered, it sets the stage for prequel novels that involve the other members of Admiral Picard’s team. Perhaps we’ll even learn even more about what happened to Seven of Nine between the time she left Voyager until the time she met Picard.