Alexander Siddig has a good idea for a Deep Space Nine revival

Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

There has been talk of a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reboot as well as the potential for Avery Brooks returning to acting, possibly even the character of Captain Benjamin Sisko. Most of the time, when a show is rebooted, new actors take on the roles of the characters, and fans have to decide whether or not to accept them. But Alexander Siddig, who played Dr. Julian Bashir, has a better idea for Deep Space Nine than starting from scratch.

When speaking with, Siddig suggests that there should be a revival of the series that allows the fans to see what some of the characters are doing now. This could be much like what some shows like The Gilmore Girls has done with The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life which has been very successful. And since it has been almost 22 years since Deep Space Nine ended, there would be a lot of ground to cover. Catching up with the characters sounds much more interesting than starting everything over with new actors.

We all know where the characters were when their stories ended, but over two decades later, there must have been some pretty major changes, all of which could make for dramatic, compelling story lines. For instance, did Captain Sisko return from the Prophets? Did Kasidy wait for him on the station, or did she move on? Did Dr. Bashir get deeper involved with Section 31, and did Kira remain on the station as its commanding officer, or did she find another calling?

Talks of reboots can get fans excited, but that will quickly turn to disappointment if the original actors aren’t included in the reboot. And it just isn’t feasible to have all of the characters back in their original roles, but a revival showing us what has transpired in their lives in the past 22 years? We’d be onboard for that.

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