9 things you might not know about Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series graced our television screens beginning in 1966. Now, 55 years later, we probably know everything there is to know about this beloved television series. Or maybe not. In fact, there are probably hundreds of untold facts we might never even be made aware of. But here are 9 we can all say we now know.

  1. We knew that NBC originally asked Gene Roddenberry to fire the entire cast from the first episode, The Cage, but also included in that pink slip was Leonard Nimoy.
  2. Roddenberry fought with NBC executives to keep Nimoy as Spock because he felt the Vulcan was so multi-faceted. Being half-human and half-alien, Spock’s presence provided the series with unlimited opportunities for drama.
  3. The script for “Man Trap” called for several salt shakers so the hunt was on for the most futuristic shakers available in L.A. Several pairs of Swedish chrome-plated shakers were found, but Roddenberry rejected them because they didn’t “look” like salt shakers. So DeForest Kelly ended up having to use the shakers as medical tools in sickbay.
  4. After the tips of Leonard Nimoy’s eyebrows were shaved off, yak hair was applied to create the upswept edges that gave him the alien look.
  5. Gene Roddenberry offered DeForest Kelly the role of doctor when the pilot was underway, but the network objected because they said Kelly didn’t look like a doctor.
  6. Because he remembered Nichelle Nichols’ performance in “The Lieutenant,” Roddenberry created the character of Lt. Uhura with her in mind.
  7. While filming “The Naked Time,” George Takei thrust his sword through William Shatner’s velour top and punctured his left nipple. Ouch!
  8. The monster in “Private Little War” was originally called a Gumatu. The name was changed because DeForest Kelly kept saying Mugatu instead.
  9. Roddenberry’s script for “Shore Leave” didn’t pay as much attention as it should have to the dialogue, and that meant the actors had to fill in what was left out, which means the episode was full of ad-libbed lines. Makes me wonder which ones.

While these bits of information might not be things we absolutely needed to know, it’s always interesting to learn something more about Star Trek!