William Shatner will celebrate his 90th birthday with Star Trek

"Star Trek" franchise icon William Shatner, pictured in 2016.William Shatner
"Star Trek" franchise icon William Shatner, pictured in 2016.William Shatner /

William Shatner turns 90 on March 22, and he has a special celebration planned with fans the weekend of July 23-24, 2021 at the Star Trek Set Tour in Ticonderoga, New York. The man who brought the greatest captain in all of Star Trek to life, according to many fans, is offering several options for fans to meet, take a picture with him, and/or get his autograph.

The early bird general admission price of is $49.99 which is a deal considering the regular prices is $80. There is also the option for tour with Shatner himself. That costs $499.  A photo will cost you $160 for a photo, and an autograph will cost $80. If you want to go all out and celebrate as a VIP with Shatner, there’s a $1,500 “VIP All-Inclusive Package” which features a dinner gala with Shatner plus the tour, photo, autograph and a “Bridge Chat.” According to Startrektour.com, more events and tickets will be added, including a birthday dinner with Shatner and limited access tours or talks with him. So if you’ve been saving your money, waiting for the next chance to meet Shatner, this is the perfect opportunity.

In case you haven’t visited the Star Trek Set Tour before, these sets  “are complete recreations built using the original blueprints, hundreds of hours of serious research, and thousands of photographs – both period images and images culled from extensive review and capture from the original episodes.” This is the studio as it looked from 1966-1969 while Star Trek: The Original Series was being filmed.

You’ll not only see the beautifully-designed bridge, complete with captain’s chair and consoles, you’ll also get a look inside the engineering room and see the realistic console. Also included in the set is the recreated sickbay with the orange mattresses and Dr. McCoy’s tools hanging on the wall. There’s also a transporter room, and the warp engines are on display as well. You can see it all, and what better way to visit the Enterprise than with Captain Kirk?

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