Star Trek: WonderCon@Home announces panels for Voyager, Enterprise and more

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 16: Actor Robert Picardo the doctor from Star Trek Voyager and actor John Billingsley Dr. Phlox from Star Trek Enterprise attend the Innovators screening Of "Star Trek Into Darkness" at ArcLight Cinemas on May 16, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 16: Actor Robert Picardo the doctor from Star Trek Voyager and actor John Billingsley Dr. Phlox from Star Trek Enterprise attend the Innovators screening Of "Star Trek Into Darkness" at ArcLight Cinemas on May 16, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images) /

Fans of Star Trek who were hoping that the world would be back to some semblance of normal in time for convention season, you’re out of luck. That doesn’t mean there isn’t good news, as WonderCon will be returning this year with their WonderCon@Home event, which you can watch on YouTube by clicking here. The event will feature panels involving a lot from Star Trek, including panels on Voyager and Enterprise.

The event will be spread across two days, both of which will be broadcasted on YouTube. It starts Friday, March 26, and goes through Saturday, March 27. There will be panels from animation to Jack Kirby, comics, Supernatural, card games, and more. Fans of Star Trek, however, will have more than their fair share.

First up is the “Bright Legal Future of Star Trek”, a panel about judges and lawyers who were inspired by the series.  Next is a Trek-themed panel on mental health. There’s also going to be a panel on music that will feature several people from Trek, as well as a panel on science that includes Trek and a Trek-generational debate.

The two big headliners, however, include a 25th and 20th-anniversary panel featuring Voyager and Enterprise. The Voyager panel will be about the upcoming documentary while the Enterprise panel will be more of a conversation about the series.

You can keep up with the events on their programs page. Check there for updates on where to watch.

Here are all the panels and the time they’ll begin.

"Friday, March 26th3:00 pm: The Bright Legal Future of Star TrekStar Trek has inspired lawyers and judges for decades. It has shown a future with equal protection under the law with every generation having at least one trial episode, and addressed the goal of having a just society. Our panel will explore the issues of the rule of law seen in Star Trek: Discovery, the rights of refugees in Star Trek: Picard, and the many legal issues from Star Trek: Lower Decks. We’ll take on issues explored throughout each generation of Star Trek with circuit judge John Owens (9th Circuit Court of Appeals), Steve Chu (DOJ), Bethany Bengfort (Durie Tangri), and Nari Ely (US Courts). Moderated by Joshua Gilliland (The Legal Geeks; Greenan, Peffer, Sallander & Lally)."

"4:00 pm: Star Trek & Mental Health: 2020 TV Lessons for a Better 2021The past year has felt like we were all banished to the Klingon penal colony of Rura Penthe—but Picard, Lower Decks, and Discovery all had their share of uplift as well as darkness. “Dr. Trek” Larry Nemecek (Portal 47) and psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu (The Psych Show), your hosts of Life Support Live, explore how the mental health lessons of Star Trek 2020 can help us all to boldly go in 2021 and beyond."

"5:00 pm: Voyager 25th Anniversary Documentary TeamDavid Zappone (co-director), Kevin Layne (co-director), Joseph Kornbrodt (producer,) and Lolita Fatjo (producer) are joined by special guest Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim of Star Trek: Voyager) discuss the crowdfunded untitled Voyager Documentary currently in production. The team will partake in a Q&A session moderated by “Dr. Trek” Larry Nemecek."

"Saturday, March 271:00 pm: Rhapsody PR’s 13th Annual Behind-the-Music PanelWatch a behind-the-scenes discussion with the talented music creators to some of the most popular sounds from series and films today. Featuring Jeff Russo (Star Trek: Picard), Ruth Barrett (Bloodlands), Jake Monaco (Flora & Ulysses), Amanda Jones (Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ special Obsidian), Anthony Willis (Promising Young Woman), and Sean Callery (The Marksman). Moderated by actress Emily Coutts (Star Trek: Discovery)."

"2:00 pm: The Science of Smart TVIt takes great brain power to think like MacGyver or Sheldon Cooper or come up with the plausible scientific theories in the Star Trek universe. Moderated by Anthony Rapp (Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets on Star Trek: Discovery), the panel talks with the incredible minds behind the actual science for hit CBS Original Series Young Sheldon and MacGyver and the ever-expanding Star Trek universe exclusively on Paramount+: David Saltzberg, technical advisor for Young Sheldon and UCLA professor; Rhett Allain, technical consultant for MacGyver and associate professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University; and Dr. Erin MacDonald, sci-fi and technical consultant for the Star Trek universe."

"4:00 pm: Is Star Trek Fandom’s Division Just the Generations Talking?Star Trek’s fandom, as well as many others, seems more and more to suffer fissures that fall along generational lines. But is it the Trek that divides, or just a result of the culture—tech-savvy, media access, comfort zones with social media, the representation revolution—that seems to be constantly shifting, even turning over every decade (or faster)? Noted Trek pundits and podcasters join host “Dr. Trek” Larry Nemecek (Portal 47) to take a broader look at the bigger Trek landscape: Kennedy Allen (Women At Warp), Ryan Britt (Luke Skywalker Can’t Read), John Champion (Mission Log Live) and Aly Martinez (Towel Talk Tuesday)."

"5:00 pm: The Companion: Star Trek: Enterprise 20th Anniversary CelebrationLegendary Star Trek journalist Ian Spelling takes WonderCon@Home 2021 back to the dawn of Starfleet to celebrate the broadcast of the two-part pilot “Broken Bow” 20 years ago this September. This intimate conversation with the episode’s director James L. Conway and Star Trek: Enterprise regular Dominic Keating (Lt. Malcolm Reed) discovers how Scott Bakula’s hair angered an executive and college football killed their ratings."

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