Watch: This epic Star Trek trailer that combines the series

Star Trek: Voyager. Copyright Hero Collector, a division of Eaglemoss.
Star Trek: Voyager. Copyright Hero Collector, a division of Eaglemoss. /

Back in 2016, when Star Trek was celebrating its 50 year anniversary, one fan decided to create an epic fan trailer as a fitting homage. Using clips from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, the Golden Lion Movies produced an over two and a half minute tribute to some of the best of the franchise. All the captains are included with voice overs and amazing music appropriately titled StarFusion-15297. The end result is an ode to all of the series most of us grew up watching.

We all have those friends and relatives in our lives who might not be fans of Star Trek, and although we can’t understand it, we try to accept it. But we also don’t stop trying to convince them to give it a try because we’re certain once they do, they’ll fall in love with it as much as we have. After all, it only makes sense that someone would love Star Trek. So this trailer can be used in your next attempt as there is no denying the heart-pounding, pulse-racing action, the drama, the effects, and the beauty of these series in this short video. At the very least, it might encourage someone to watch at least a few episodes which is a good way to get them hooked.

Golden Lion Movies also created this video which includes the Kelvin timeline movies and this one which is more like a movie trailer that introduces the entire franchise up through 2013 in quick bursts of action-packed clips. Unfortunately, nothing new has been added to the channel in at least three years, and these are the only three Star Trek videos available.

Still, it’s always great to see fans creating tributes to their favorite franchise. It takes a lot of time and hard work to create these videos, and that just shows how truly devoted they are.

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