Watch: Modern Trailer for Star Trek: First Contact

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Star Trek: First Contact is the best of the movies made with the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew. Released in November 1996, it zoomed to the top of the box office and earned positive reviews from Roger Ebert, The Los Angeles Times, and The Independent. The original trailer relied heavily on action sequences to bring in the crowds, and it certainly did its job, but another trailer, one modernized for the 21st century, has taken First Contact to a whole new level.

Jonathan Frakes, who directed the movie, has said in the past that “the main themes of First Contact—and Star Trek as a whole—are loyalty, friendship, honesty, and mutual respect.” And this trailer combines all four of those themes, using dialogue clips and voiceovers with the eerie warnings of the Borg to highlight what are some of the best moments of the film.

Action sequences are included, of course, but the focus is more on the connection between the characters and the impact the Borg had on Captain Picard. It highlights the respect the crew had for him as well as the absolute trust they placed in him. And while it still brings in Captain Picard’s mental anguish over the past, it takes more of a fighting stance, offering a sense of hope in spite of the odds stacked against the world and the crew of the Enterprise. And the removal of the narration present in the first trailer allows the suspense and drama to stand on their own.

If you want something to encourage you to rewatch First Contact (as if that’s really needed), this fan-made trailer will certainly do it.

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