To fund the Voyager doc, some fans want a salamander plushie

Photo: Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special.. Image Courtesy Titan Comics
Photo: Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Special.. Image Courtesy Titan Comics /

Almost unbelievably, the campaign for the Star Trek Voyager documentary, now aptly named To The Journey: Looking Back At Star Trek: Voyager, is closing in on $960,000 as of this writing. With only a few days left to contribute to the making of the documentary, some fans are asking for a rather unique (and strange) perk to be added—a Threshold salamander plushie. Considering that Threshold has been called one of the worst episodes of Voyager, it is quite surprising that fans are now looking for a salamander as a collectible.

While I personally didn’t dislike Threshold, it has been maligned over the years with including it in the list of 20 episodes of Star Trek that are so bad they have to be seen and ScreenRant naming it as one of the five worst episodes of the series.  Robert Duncan McNeill, who played Lt. Tom Paris on Voyager, has most recently defended the episode, saying he always felt defensive about it, and that this was “Tom Paris’ elephant man episode.”

Of course, it was the ending that most people had a problem with. Lt. Paris morphs into a new species after breaking the Warp 10 barrier and kidnaps Captain Janeway so he can take her to a secluded planet where they have salamander babies. Hence the reason fans are requesting this perk be added to the campaign for the documentary. Still, if you hated an episode, why would you want a reminder of it? Maybe it’s like the ugly Kirk dolls, and some people just have to have one. Nevertheless, it’s unknown whether this perk will be added, but Stuffed Safari does have  salamander plushies for only $24.99. They don’t resemble Paris or Janeway, though.

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