Star Trek Timelines celebrates First Contact Day this week

Star Trek Timelines Celebrates First Contact Day. Image courtesy Star Trek Timelines
Star Trek Timelines Celebrates First Contact Day. Image courtesy Star Trek Timelines /

First Contact Day is on April 5 and is one of the two greatest holidays that happen in April. The other being Rex Manning Day (April 8). For those new to Star Trek, First Contact Day. On Monday, there will be a number of Star Trek First Contact Day events and articles going up around the internet to celebrate the “holiday”, including one from the mobile game Star Trek Timelines.

What if, however, you want to do more than read the articles and rewatch Star Trek: First Contact for the 38th time….this year.

Well, you can download the popular Star Trek Timelines mobile game from publisher Tilting Point and developer Wicked Realm Games and begin celebrating First Contact Day in style.

As part of the celebration, fans can download the whales from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, George, and Gracie. This is a limited-time offering and ends on April 15.

There are other options for the limited event players can discover and details are below in the official press release.

Tilting Point also published a second Star Trek game called Star Trek: Legends, available now for Apple users.

"Star Trek Timelines, the popular strategy role playing game from publisher Tilting Point and developer Wicked Realm Games, is celebrating First Contact Day – the first interaction between humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2063 – with a limited time giveaway and more! Kicking off April 5 and running through April 19, all players will be able to claim a Free 5 Star Behold Pack, guaranteeing them one 5 Star crew to choose between Phoenix Cochrane, Satin Dress Lily Sloane and C.O.P Founder Picard.The celebration also includes:April Fools Whale Crew (George and Gracie) (April 1 – April 15) – Players who complete a in-game limited-time only achievement will earn a three star crew:  George and Gracie, the famous Humpback Whales saved by Kirk and Spock in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home$1 Monthly Card for new players (April 1- April 13) – New players who install and play. Star Trek Timelines will be offered a $1 monthly card ($4 value), granting them 100 daily Dilithium for 30 daysOne of the most expansive Star Trek games on mobile, Star Trek Timelines includes content from across the first ten films and all seven television series, including Star Trek: Picard. Licensed by CBS Consumer Products, the game features more than 1000 beloved characters, allowing players to assemble a dream crew from all eras of the series. As they participate in missions, players can command 70 iconic starships and engage in stunning 3D ship-to-ship battles.To download Star Trek Timelines, and partake in the First Contact Day celebrations, visit the App Store Google Play, Amazon, Steam, Windows,  Samsung Galaxy and Facebook  stores."

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