Michael Dorn will reprise his role of Worf for a video game

Sorry folks, but anyone who was hoping to see Michael Dorn dawn his iconic Klingon ridges and rocking that badass ponytail for a new appearance in the Star Trek canon will, unfortunately, be out of luck. After teasing a return to the franchise on Twitter the other day, it was quickly revealed that Dorn’s return as Worf was not going to be for a television or film role.

That role has now been revealed, as Dorn will return to Star Trek as Worf as part of a video game role, more than likely in the new game, Star Trek: Legends; currently out on Apple Arcade.

Dorn posted a Twitter video that teases his involvement in the game, wherein the video you can see Worf, through static, making a distress call. The dialogue from the scene seems to have Worf say he’s on the USS Artemis, a ship that features heavily in the game Star Trek: Legends.

The ship gets stuck in the Nexus (the same Nexus that was featured in the 1994 film Generations), so it’s entirely likely Dorn is taking part in the project, as the whole point of the game is to bring together iconic characters from around the Trek-sphere.

The initial tweet caused fans to believe that maybe, just maybe this would be the return of Dorn to the franchise in the role he’d been hoping for; a turn as Captain Worf in his very own series. That is obviously not happening and isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. If ever.

Numerous times it’s been reported that Star Trek has reached the number of shows it wants to have on air at once, which is why the Section 31 series has not gone any further. No new show will be added to the lineup until one of the current shows airing now ends.

Maybe then we’ll get a Captain Worf series, but not until then.