A Star Trek movie with the great villains was planned

Star Trek Timelines Celebrates First Contact Day. Image courtesy Star Trek Timelines
Star Trek Timelines Celebrates First Contact Day. Image courtesy Star Trek Timelines /

Another Star Trek movie had the great villains

After Star Trek: Nemesis failed to deliver at the box office, no additional movies based on the characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation were ordered. But one more movie had been planned. Brent Spiner (Data) and Nemesis writer John Logan had come up with an enviable idea with a Justice League vibe that would have been a massive undertaking, much like any Justice League movie is. It’s unfortunate that this movie didn’t come to fruition because the premise was strong and would have involved many members of the Star Trek series.

According to Brent Spiner, some major issue would have brought all of the great Star Trek villains together as an evil team. So imagine Khan, Shinzon, the Borg, and Q (if you want to consider him a villain) working together. (Only Khan and Shinzon were specifically identified in Spiner’s idea, though.)Ultimately, they have a dastardly plan, and Captain Picard is the only one who knows how to stop them, but he’s going to need help. And that would bring in a time travel aspect which would allow Picard to go back in time and choose the people he needed to help him.

And the help in this Star Trek movie would have been epic

"“He goes back to the moment before Data blows up and takes him back to get Kirk and Spock, and go even further back and get Scott Bakula’s character, Archer.”"

So imagine a movie where all of the captains join forces to defeat a massively destructive team of some of their worst foes. Not only would this have been one of the most epic Star Trek movies ever, but it would have been the one and only time that all of the major players were in one film together. What an absolutely stunning closure for The Next Generation and the series that preceded J.J. Abrams’ reboot in 2009.

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