Producers considered setting Enterprise in Mirror Universe

An entire season of Enterprise set in the Mirror Universe?

The Mirror Universe is a popular place in the Star Trek universe, and the two-part episodes, “In a Mirror, Darkly I&II,” which took place in Star Trek: Enterprise’s fourth season, were two of the series’ most-liked episodes. Seeing the evil side of the characters provided a stark contrast to who they were in the parallel universe, and based on the popularity, Brannon Braga and his team had considered setting the entire fifth season of the series, had it been renewed, in the Mirror Universe.

That would have been a different concept for an entire season, and one I’m not altogether sure would have worked. While there might have been flashes back to the right universe to give viewers a break, for the most part, we would have only seen the villainous side of the characters who were supposed to be the heroes of the show.

Manny Coto wanted the Enterprise to return to the Mirror Universe

In 2009, Manny Coto, the showrunner for the fourth season of Enterprise, said he wanted to revisit the Mirror Universe with Hoshi Sato as the Empress of the Terran Empire. He wanted to spread four or five episodes throughout the season and regretted that he wasn’t able to do that. So it’s clear that the Mirror Universe would have returned in season five had the series been renewed.

And though I don’t think I would have wanted to see an entire season set in that universe, I certainly wouldn’t have minded seeing a few more episodes set there. I think it’s one of those places that it’s good to visit, but you don’t want to live there. As much as fans enjoy seeing characters visit their home worlds like Vulcan, would they want an entire season of a series set on Vulcan if that’s not what that series is about? Now, a Star Trek: Vulcan series would be a different story. So perhaps a Star Trek: Mirror Universe series should be considered.