Fan creates Kelvin version of U.S.S. Enterprise in Unreal Engine 4

Ever wanted to see the U.S.S. Enterprise in stunning detail?

Watching a movie is great, especially a Star Trek movie. Being able to watch the adventures of the ship and its crew as they bandy about space, looking for mischief to get into. It’s all sorts of fun. The only problem, as Garrett Wang pointed out in the E! behind the scenes video we posted not that long ago, is that the cool details are often hidden or too hard to read. That’s why it’s always great to see our favorite characters or ships in a different light.

Enter the Unreal Engine, a video game engine that’s one of the best on the market, and has the capability of creating some rather spectacular stuff. One fan did just that by using the bridge of the Kelvin U.S.S. Enterprise from the film Into Darkness and turning it into an interactive set piece for a school project.

One heck of a thesis.

YouTuber Alex DSP posted the above video of his Enterprise creation. Taking scenes and details from Star Trek: Into Darkness, he created a lifelike ship and a fitting scenario for any young captain in training. Serving as his graduation work for a class at Kortrijk Belgium, Alex made several interactive consoles and even animated stuff outside of the viewer on the bridge.

From the video;

For my graduation work in Digital Arts And Entertainment at Kortrijk Belgium I created a small immersive scene.

I recreated the Enterprise bridge from the Star Trek movie ‘Into Darkness’ using Unreal Engine 4 and added some gameplay with blueprints to improve player immersion.

It’s rather impressive to look at and couldn’t have been easy to achieve. Considering how many Star Trek games are rather awful, to see this unfinished gem be so dynamic in its look and polish makes me and I’m sure many others, envious of what could have been.

The world of Star Trek has a few games for fans to enjoy out there. Star Trek Online is just one of them but there are several mobile games fans can sink their teeth into if they’re so inclined. The only problem is that it mobile games often are cash grabs and offer very little in the way of total emersion. A game like the one Alex created would be exactly what Star Trek fans would want.